Mortgage Pre-Approval

The first step in the home buying process is to obtain a mortgage pre-approval. A pre-approval will determine your maximum spending amount and also lock in an interest rate for up to 120 days. This allows you to shop for a home without the risk of interest rate changes.

The quickest and easiest way to get pre-approved is to fill out our online mortgage application. One of our mortgage brokers will then contact you to ask any questions they might have. They will tell you exactly how much you can afford and can discuss your product and rate options.

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What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

A mortgage pre-approval will outline all the details of your mortgage including the rate guarantee and what you can afford. Always remember the mortgage pre-approval is not an official approval! You always need to make any offer on a home conditional to financing as the lender must complete the necessary underwriting to confirm your employment, down payment, and property before financing is officially approved.

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Mortgage Rate Guarantee

A Mortgage Pre-Approval guarantees an interest rate for up to 120 days, even if rates rise in the meantime. This protects you while you shop for a home.

If rates should drop before your mortgage funds are advanced, you will automatically receive the lowest rate during the 120 day period.

Did You Know?

did you know

Many real estate agents may require you to get a pre-approval before they begin working with you. The pre-approval certificate is a great way to show your agent that you are a qualified buyer. The fact that you already have your mortgage financing arrangements in place indicates to prospective vendors that you are a serious buyer.

It gives you the security of negotiating a house price that falls comfortably within your budget. A mortgage pre-approval is absolutely free, with no cost and no obligation.

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The first step to acquiring an official morgage pre-approval is to fill out our online mortgage application. Once you complete this form one of our local Regina Mortgage brokers will contact you to complete your approval.

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