Investment Property Mortgage

Are you interested in purchasing properties for investment purposes?

This exciting product offers mortgages to clients looking to invest in real estate in Saskatchewan. It's perfect for new or seasoned investors alike who want to:

  • Look for an additional income for retirement.

  • Diversify their portfolios.

  • Build equity in property to help increase their net worth.

  • Take advantage of tax considerations.

  • Invest in property maintenance to increase resale value.

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Investor Benefits

Investor Benefits
  • A great way to diversify your overall investment portfolio into the real estate market - 20% down payment is required to purchase properties being used for rental or investment purcposes.

  • The interest portion of rental property mortgage payments may be tax deductible.

  • Rental income may be used to make the mortgage payments, making property ownership affordable.

Product Details

  • Purchase or Refinance - borrow up to a maximum 80% of the value of the property for 1-4 unit properties

  • Flexible financing options - Single advance, progress advances, and extended amortization periods of up to 30 years are available.

  • CMHC offers mortgage loan insurance premium refunds for homeowners who purchase an energy-efficient home or make energy-saving renovations to an existing home.

Getting Started

The first step to acquiring an official morgage pre-approval to purchase investment properties is to fill out our online mortgage application. Once you complete this form one of our local Regina Mortgage brokers will contact you to complete your approval.

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